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Tips for the Baby shower

By Redactie, 20/01/2014 - 22:17
tips babyshower

The best ideas for the Baby shower!

blown over from America and totally hot! The baby shower. How to go about such a thing, what are the trend? In this blog you can read how to make a fantastic baby shower hosts and find ideas for: themes, decorations and indispensable

sweet treats.

organizing a Baby shower is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can give to an expectant mother. It is the perfect time for a MOM-to-be to celebrate with friends and share the joy and anticipation of ever of mother. We have all seen the standard shower full of yellow rubber duckies and diaper Derbies. Now that it's your turn to play host, why not have some fun and creative? Here some ideas how you can address it to:


Get the best ideas for Baby shower, Baby shower games, Baby shower menus, Baby shower decor and more! The MOM-to-be will all you have planned for her Baby shower love-the calls to the cake!

everyone, of a family, a colleague-but generally not the expectant parents themselves-can the host for the event, which usually is held during the last two months of pregnancy. Some couples, however feel free to a nursery stock before the child has arrived, and some want to keep until the baby can the guest of honor. Ask the pair if they prefer a pre-or postbirth Baby shower. Usually, the Babyshower's held for first child alone, but this is not a


Send the invitations

Although a phone call may be sufficient as an invitation, his written invitations much more applicable at this special opportunity. Make sure invitations at least three weeks in advance to the close friends and family members will be sent. The parents-to-be can help to create the guest list, so no one is forgotten. Also, you should decide whether men and children welcome?.. Traditionalists is a Baby shower for women only, while modern man believed that the father should be invited.

Choose a theme

can A party theme, although not necessary, a greater sense of festivity to the event. Inventiveness and thoughtful touches can make the party great. If you choose not to have a theme, avoid pastels. Keep the décor bright. Flowers are especially suitable for a celebration of the birth. Do not forget to decorations to a few: all attention will be paid, anyway, on the abdomen for the mother-to-be.

Choose a Menu

Baby shower horror stories tend to Center on complex but tasteless finger foods. Rich, full set the right tone for an event foods celebrate the beginning of a rich, full life. Last minute work to a minimum. Choose foods that are easy to prepare and are out of control at room temperature--cheese and fruit pies, grilled chicken salads, homemade pizzas, fruit or Salad Greens can be eaten. There is no shame in potluck, either, especially if each guest brings a dish for which she or her local gourmet shop is famous.

Ideas for Baby shower

< a href = "http://smulfun.nl/sites/default/files/field/image/blog_post/bayshower_taart_5.jpg" title = "Baby shower cake" class = "colorbox colorbox-insert-image" rel = "gallery-all" > < img src = "http://smulfun.nl/sites/default/files/styles/blog_full_size/public/field/image/blog_post/bayshower_taart_5.jpg?itok=PiAxG3hQ" width = "700" height = "726" alt = "" title = "baby shower cake Baby shower cake" class = "image-blog-full-size"/>
< a href = "http://smulfun.nl/sites/default/files/field/image/blog_post/babyshower_cupcakes_1.jpg" title = "Baby shower cupcakes" class = "colorbox colorbox-insert-image" rel = "gallery-all" > < img src = "http://smulfun.nl/sites/default/files/styles/blog_full_size/public/field/image/blog_post/babyshower_cupcakes_1.jpg?itok=na6suiuL" width = "700" height = "555" alt = "" title = "baby shower cupcakes Baby shower cupcakes" class = "image-blog-full-size"/>
< a href = "http://smulfun.nl/sites/default/files/field/image/blog_post/babyshower_thema.jpg" title = "example theme for baby shower" class = "colorbox colorbox-insert-image" rel = "gallery-all" > < img src = "http://smulfun.nl/sites/default/files/styles/blog_full_size/public/field/image/blog_post/babyshower_thema.jpg?itok=AQwsN4wc" width = "700" height = "434" alt = "baby shower theme" title = "example theme for baby shower" class = "image-blog-full-size"/>
< a href = "http://smulfun.nl/sites/default/files/field/image/blog_post/thema_babyshower.jpg" title = "theme for baby shower" class = "colorbox colorbox-insert-image" rel = "gallery-all" > < img src = "http://smulfun.nl/sites/default/files/styles/blog_full_size/public/field/image/blog_post/thema_babyshower.jpg?itok=8v2hCRoZ" width = "700" height = "988" alt = "" title = "theme baby shower theme for baby shower" class = "image-blog-full-size"/>

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