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Delicious Cakes, Cupcakes & Wedding Cakes!

Introduce myself

By Redactie, 11/10/2011 - 19:22
Taart in Oosterhout
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I am Angelique Baier 38 years and I live in Oosterhout

region Breda.

since the end of 2009 I

to the cake baking struck.

Smulfun arose because my cupcakes, pies and macarons and got a lot of admiration I got more and more often the question or I that not other

also meant to do.

I currently have 3 days a week for a regular job, and hope in the future to be able to make my hobby into my work and so to start a shop in Oosterhout with a bakery and patisserie for delicious fresh pastries and cakes.


At Smulfun you can find tasty affordable unique cakes; Unique because they all custom and

is hand-made.

the pies are made from a biscuit hairstyle and be filled with a layer of butter cream and often a nice low confiture. They should be with a layer of vanilla Buttercream and marzipan or fondant coated with a layer


all the decorations are edible!


< div class = "mark-up-left" > TIP! Follow one of our creative workshops cake making!

you can also visit Smulfun to learn the tricks of the trade in one of the

creative workshops. In the workshop you will learn the

for baked biscuit cutting, filling and

tight afsmeren of the pie.

The color making the marzipan or fondant. < br/> And coating and decorating the cake and then make your own edible work of art of



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On the website you can find the workshop dates, you can browse through the photo gallery and you can see what the possibilities are. You will also find

a Web shop and gift shop.

If you have special requirements that are not mentioned, please mail me using the contact form, I'll take

as soon as possible contact you. There is

much as possible, but everything in consultation. Give you good wishes when ordering. Have fun on the

website. regards,

a tasty

Angelique Baier

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Monique Roder S...
Onderwerp: Mode-taart
Mijn dochter was erg blij met de prachtige taart met goud, zwart en wit. Bedankt!
Manuele Snoeren
Onderwerp: Koperen bruiloft
Prachtige taart met een super lekkere Toblerone smaak. Wij hebben met ze allen hiervan gesmuld. Toppie Angelique
Xandra Broeders
De complimenten voor de taart, alles klopte, de smaak was echt heel goed en hij zag er fantastisch uit! Succes met Smulfun en zeker tot de...
Claudia Welten
Onderwerp: Taart
Bedankt voor de heerlijke taart. We hebben echt goede reacties gehad en iedereen vond het heerlijk! Ook de decoraties mooi gedetailleerd en helemaal...