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History of the wedding cake

By Redactie, 28/11/2013 - 11:51
Aansnijden bruidstaart
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in Netherlands In the 18th century, especially fruit cake eaten at a wedding. This was made of fine sugar, white flour and in liquor-soaked fruits.

1901 was the year that our country became acquainted with the classic wedding cake. At the time, our Queen Wilhelmina, had a huge cake at her wedding with different layers and entirely in English style. This ' royal cake ' came back off of the gigantic wedding cake that Queen Victoria for the marriage of her daughter left in the 19th century. So was this the norm for European royalty and

noble families.

Yet it took after 1901 certainly some 50 years before the wedding cake would be established. In the 90 's was a classic English wedding cake

really more the norm.

Each country version


so the Romans about 2,000 years ago during the wedding ceremony a sort of confarreatio, whose wedding couple cake food, the first bite took. The cake was then broken into pieces to the gods so that the couple many children would get



In England in the middle ages the guests each brought a Small cake or pie which was stacked on a table. So you already got an idea of a wedding cake. If the bride and groom could kiss over the stack back together, that would bring good luck. 


another story comes from France. There would have a Cook cakes stacked and covered it with frosting have against it falling over. This pyramid shape we still see back in the current wedding cake. The largest cake under and the smallest at the top. Though there is a story that an English Cook was that was inspired by the bride's Church, a Cathedral with a pure white tower, which consists of five layers on top of each other. Just like a wedding cake so



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Together the cake for connectedness

the cutting of the cake, you could call it a tradition. After all the family and friends of Oh's and Ah, picks up the bride to the knife to cut the lower wedding cake. The groom lays his hand on hers as a sign of belonging. It is symbolic of the

promise to take care of it.

is the first piece of cake for the wedding couple. The bride takes a piece of wedding cake and carries it to her brand new man and vice versa. Then guests are also

's turn.

Wedding cake freezing

do not forget to save a piece of cake for the bridesmaid. The story goes that when the bridesmaid with a piece of wedding cake under her pillow sleep, they will go dream about her future husband. This is especially under the English

a tradition. < div class = "mark-up-left" > There is also another explanation for the white. The better the sugar was, the whiter the enamel would be. Not everyone could pay the best and finest ' sugar '. So was the wealth and influence of the family of this refrain. The whiter the cake, the richer you were.

Pure and pristine white

the wedding cake was originally white. This color stands for virginity and purity. It is a tradition that the wedding dress is white, so logically the cake also had to be white. In England are the ' roots ' of the wedding cake. The English called the cake ' bride's cake '. In Netherlands we call it the ' wedding cake '. The bride was important and the whole day revolved around



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a traditional wedding cake consists of at least three layers. Each layer is intended for an occasion. For example, there is a low for the reception, one to hand out and the top layer to freeze. This a year later as you eat exactly one year

are married.

this tradition arose already in the 18th century and is today still applied. The frozen part can you for example at your first wedding anniversary eat you. In this way there would be a symbolic, but also an emotional connection between the

and these other wedding day special event.

also used to be normal for every layer of something else was made. So the bottom layer from white sugar. This stood as a symbol for love. In the second layer was marzipan and this allowed symbol for the honeymoon time. The top layer consisted of ' plumcake ' (rich fruitcake). This was seen as a reflection of marriage.

Traditions from other countries

  • In Ukraine can the bridal couple at reception expect a combination of bread, salt and vodka!
  • In Scandinavia are the guests are required to piece of cake to eat, otherwise it will be very bad
  • off for the newlyweds.
  • the French like to build a pyramid of profiteroles
  • as a traditional wedding cake.
  • In the United States it is common for guests to give a piece of cake to take home.
< div class = "mark-up-left" > The legend says that a bride should never own her wedding cake baking, because this accident would bring.

Looking for a wedding cake?

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