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Delicious cake for Valentine's day

By Bianca Vermeer, 15/02/2012 - 21:05
Bianca Vermeer

last Tuesday it was Valentine's day, a day full of surprises; And the day on which the winner of the Smulfun action on Facebook get came her award on


Never thought, yet gotten!

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The lucky winner was Bianca Vermeer, 32 years from Oosterhout. Married to together 3 sons: Jowan Vermeer and "many men home so"!!!

Bianca told


"I work in a distribution center of Sting clothes and has to do with Valentine's day just work, nice romantic!

through a friend, Manon Evers, am I came into contact with Smulfun. For the birthday of her son had Manon fun voetbalcupcakes ordered. That's how I ended up on the website of Smulfun and I saw that had an action on facebook that lets you Smulfun nice Valentijnscupcakes could win. Soon to be joined by Fan here's facebook page. This gives you fun news and you are automatically along with other fun actions of

Smulfun. < div class = "mark-up-left" > TIP! Is also a fan of our Facebook page and take advantage of fun for particles and

didn't expect I would win something. All of a sudden I got from a message on facebook: "congratulations on your prize"!!  So I quickly look on facebook and Yes!  very happy to have won the action!  So you see how that can go


I am going to surprise my husband and children with a tasty cupcake and take mine; I

another one about ... "

Smulfun hopes that you guys enjoyed having the delicious cupcakes!

did you know that: "at Smulfun in addition to cupcakes also offers different cakes, cake pops, wedding cakes for weddings and other fun creative workshops"?

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Xandra Broeders
De complimenten voor de taart, alles klopte, de smaak was echt heel goed en hij zag er fantastisch uit! Succes met Smulfun en zeker tot de...
Claudia Welten
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Bedankt voor de heerlijke taart. We hebben echt goede reacties gehad en iedereen vond het heerlijk! Ook de decoraties mooi gedetailleerd en helemaal...
Christel van de...
Ten behoeve van de communie van onze dochter bestelden wij bij Smulfun cupcakes. Lievelingskleur paars en we mochten eveneens een foto aanleveren....
Marsha Arts
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Geweldige taart om te zien en heerlijk om te eten! Zelfs mensen die eigenlijk geen taart lusten, hebben ervan gesmuld.