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Cake trends 2014

By Redactie, 23/12/2013 - 21:47
cake trends 2014

These are the new cake trends of Netherlands!


We are just beginning and see some new fun cake trends popping up. With new cakes such as Petal Cake, Cakes, pies and Cakes and Vintage Ruffle Naked new SugarVeil edible cake decorations with Royal Icing and colored lace, ruffles, cakes. 2014 promised to be a year with a lot of colourful cakes! Read all about the latest trends in this article.

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Decoration trends

Texture like ruffles and lace
-Sugar veil

Wedding Cakes have come a long way in the past century and gave evolved in glorious works of art that reflect exactly what the vision or personality of the happy couple is. This sugar masterpieces are often the centerpiece of the reception, so it is important for many couples with the cake to make a statement or create an atmosphere for the event. The most impactful designs are those that are unique and one of a kind as good as absolutely delicious. You want your guests to talk about your cake with desire and admiration.

Thanks much progress in technique and medium there is virtually not that talented experienced cake designers can do for a wedding couple. Even relatively new designers can pull off the fantastic cakes using shears, texture boards and flower punches. This means that the wedding trends for 2014 textured, colored

and very romantic.

here is what you see on receptions in 2014:

Painted pastry: this look was something that was also popular in 2013 but has now covers new ground. This creative cakes are sometimes very precise with stenciled designs and even monograms, or they may completely unique creations with Freestyle painted flowers, butterflies or clouds. The most incredible part of painted cakes is that they have absolutely no limits for a talented designer. You can also have painted cupcakes or cookies as well!

Classic floral and flower combinations: certain combinations will be always popular because they absolutely glorious are and have been used to indicate romance and love for centuries. Roses in all their variations and sizes will be found collected on cakes in 2014. Of delicate Wild Roses to full blown beauties that this be made of gum paste or fresh flowers to set up. Roses will also be combined with other flowers such as hydrangea, Freesia and daisies even depending on the bouquet and

theme of the event.

Texture like ruffles and lace: cakes are unashamedly romantic and girly in the coming year. They are draped in intricate fondant lace made with staggered up with explosion engine smoking Sugarveil and ruffles in all colors. Sometimes these both elements of the texture used a cake. Ruffles can spiral, jabot down or up depending on the design and they can also be monochromatic or alternating colors. You'll also notice cakes inspired by fabrics such as damask and heavy silk, often from the wedding dress itself. Look for plenty of


Ombre: Although the ombré hair trend has seemed to fizzle out cakes are still sporting this subtle look. This gradual fade to lighter shades is best on larger cakes and can be reached with tinted fondant or even with hundreds of flowers or other design elements such as buttons or shells. Simply place the flowers in progressively lighter shades either up or down the cake. This is quite an elegant look.

< div class = "insert-image-with-text insert-image-with-text-blog_small_description" > < img src = "6Uhwv3Jv" alt = "/sites/default/files/styles/blog_small/public/field/image/blog_post/ruffle_cake.jpg? = itok Ruffle cake" title = "Ruffle cake with ruffles of icing" class = "text_image insert-image-with-image-blog_small_description"/> < div class = "insert-image-with-text_description" > Ruffle cake with ruffles of icing
< div class = "insert-image-with-text insert-image-with-text-blog_small_description" > < img src = "47OAX_Qe" alt = "/sites/default/files/styles/blog_small/public/field/image/blog_post/petal_cake.jpg? = itok petal cake" title = "Petal Cake with Royal Icing and flower" class = "text_image insert-image-with-image-blog_small_description"/> < div class = "insert-image-with-text_description" > Petal Cake with Royal Icing and flower
< div class = "insert-image-with-text insert-image-with-text-blog_small_description" > < img src = "aimfp_hb" alt = "/sites/default/files/styles/blog_small/public/field/image/blog_post/naked_cake.jpg? itok = naked cake" title = "Naked cake with colourful flowers" class = "text_image insert-image-with-image-blog_small_description"/> < div class = "insert-image-with-text_description" > Naked cake with colourful flowers
< div class = "insert-image-with-text insert-image-with-text-blog_small_description" > < img src = "VuzbUa0d" alt = "/sites/default/files/styles/blog_small/public/field/image/blog_post/sugarveil.jpg? sugarveil itok =" title = "" class = "insert SugarVeil edible side-image-with-text_image image-blog_small_description"/> < div class = "insert-image-with-text_description" > SugarVeil edible side

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Monique Roder S...
Onderwerp: Mode-taart
Mijn dochter was erg blij met de prachtige taart met goud, zwart en wit. Bedankt!
Manuele Snoeren
Onderwerp: Koperen bruiloft
Prachtige taart met een super lekkere Toblerone smaak. Wij hebben met ze allen hiervan gesmuld. Toppie Angelique
Xandra Broeders
De complimenten voor de taart, alles klopte, de smaak was echt heel goed en hij zag er fantastisch uit! Succes met Smulfun en zeker tot de...
Claudia Welten
Onderwerp: Taart
Bedankt voor de heerlijke taart. We hebben echt goede reacties gehad en iedereen vond het heerlijk! Ook de decoraties mooi gedetailleerd en helemaal...