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Cake customized for winners

By Redactie, 04/10/2013 - 12:36
Sherona van baal uit Raamsdonk
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Smulfun keeps continuous actions where you the chance to win something nice. This time it was the 500 Likes action on Facebook. If you Liked our Facebook page you can win a nice gift, original treat or fun workshop. Fans of our Facebook page have lasting benefit and do with every action again automatically with the draw.

Here are the winners of the pie action:

the first winner of the 500 ste like action is the 27 year old Ilona Laidlaw-by Ham from Oosterhout. Ilona is married and a mother of 2 children:
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I find my price nice and very nice, such a custom cake. Smulfun I knew via Facebook but also of my girlfriends who have done a workshop at Smulfun. The are very nice actions: " so you win something-super happy with my price


With the children's birthdays, of course, be really nice to have such a nice birthday cake so I expect soon a beautiful cake at Smulfun go


< div class = "insert-image-with-text insert-image-with-text-blog_small_description" > < img src = "qKC1EF1y" alt = "/sites/default/files/styles/blog_small/public/field/image/blog_post/sherona_van_baal.jpg? D = itok vaishnav from Raamsdonk" title = "lyra" class = "insert from bale Raamsdonk-image-with-text_image image-blog_small_description"/> < div class = "insert-image-with-text_description" > Nurbek vaishnav from Raamsdonk

the second winner is Lyra Baal living together in Raamsdonk and mother of an 8-week-old daughter:

Wow I find my price really very beautiful all my color-so cute pink. I know Smulfun via via-on Facebook and saw last in a promotion post you also gives workshops. I would like to join to enjoy cosy soon an afternoon drama.
The actions of Smulfun are very nice and now I have seen the cute tarts will still get an order soon.




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Monique Roder S...
Onderwerp: Mode-taart
Mijn dochter was erg blij met de prachtige taart met goud, zwart en wit. Bedankt!
Manuele Snoeren
Onderwerp: Koperen bruiloft
Prachtige taart met een super lekkere Toblerone smaak. Wij hebben met ze allen hiervan gesmuld. Toppie Angelique
Xandra Broeders
De complimenten voor de taart, alles klopte, de smaak was echt heel goed en hij zag er fantastisch uit! Succes met Smulfun en zeker tot de...
Claudia Welten
Onderwerp: Taart
Bedankt voor de heerlijke taart. We hebben echt goede reacties gehad en iedereen vond het heerlijk! Ook de decoraties mooi gedetailleerd en helemaal...