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Birthday cake of two brothers

By Heidi Jaspers, 24/09/2011 - 14:03
cars taart
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introduce ourselves: we are Johan & Heidi and we have 2 children; Jaro who just has become and become just 11.5 Christine

both of them are in January birthday. Christine on 10 January and Jaro on 22 January. Normally, we celebrate the anniversary of each in their own day, but that went this year. We have bought a House and Yes, that is what time in it. Happy that the guys for once not very found to

to celebrate it on the same day.

But yes, at party includes cake ... and where to extract...??? Hema? Nèh too boring!!! Bakker? "Pooh pull your punches cut open"!!!

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Fortunately, most people

hyves and coincidence that Johan, Angelique – or better – smulfun had just accepted as "boyfriend". Curious as we are, we have directly on the site looked, because that already looked very inviting!!!

we did not

Long to think about it, those cakes, which we went order here. Just filled out the contact form; with the most important information that we have a CARS-cake and a soccer cake wanted, then, just waiting .....

Wait wasn't long, the next day an email back immediately, with some questions how we exactly wanted. That was very nice that there was direct responded!!! With a number of emails over and over again was finally around the order. We could pick up on the day, totally super!!

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on January 22, is Johan the pies go get. We were sitting at home with smart to wait, because how would they look like?? Johan came with a crestfallen face inside ....
"JUST KIDDING," he said, "they look cool". The children equal with the noses in the boxes; "FAT COOL"!!! called Jaro and "look Mummy, my name insists" with a big smile from ear to ear.
Bernard found his cake

MEGAVET and tough.

That word feast on.... And sure enough, "perfect" said Jaro and made a gesture that also cooks always do as something delicious tastes like.

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what I have found is that Angelique to Johan fine had asked if we wanted to let you know what we found of the cakes. Certainly in terms of taste. That was good that they that early, that means also that you want to listen to your customers, even if something is not

would be good.

I did the other day Angelique sent an email to let her know that the cakes were really good. And that we are sure will order in the future cakes. I have put photos of the cakes on Hyves and had added the address of Smulfun, so please we were


The coincidence is, that someone was with us on the anniversary and we had ordered so who asked where the cakes. At Smulfun so. Her daughter is soon birthday. They sent me – now I am typing this email – Smulfun – the site of yet because she wants to order a cake now.

Tak literally word of mouth is still the best that you may have. Where we can, we will certainly recommend!!!


and Heidi

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Geweldige taart om te zien en heerlijk om te eten! Zelfs mensen die eigenlijk geen taart lusten, hebben ervan gesmuld.