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Aron on my birthday

By Tanya Stadhouders, 14/08/2011 - 13:40
Dikkie Dik taart
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I'm Tanya, a close friend of Julie

For the 3rd birthday of our daughter Amy " " we have a Dikkie Dik cake fondant ordered. Amy asked, and expected, a special birthday cake. To whom can you leave otherwise than to


it was for the first time that Angelique they would make a Dikkie Dik cake, but we had every confidence that the hair was going to succeed. The result exceeded all our expectations! There was even a little tear at active in political.. " " Sin to cut that cake!
Amy was deliriously happy, and everyone thought the cake also super yummy. The cake made for Amy her birthday complete. And, as it was meant to be: " she has it stands still on "! Mission accomplished!

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In the past, we create our wedding cake a cake specialist, but that was not quite as we hoped. Unfortunately Smulfun did not existed, otherwise we had known!

on a future occasion we order a cake at Smulfun, because then we know for sure that it is a beautiful, tasty and affordable cake is.

value for money, just do it! You get absolutely no regret. Smulfun is open to all ideas, so you can make your birthday cake as you want it!


Tanya Vazquez

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Xandra Broeders
De complimenten voor de taart, alles klopte, de smaak was echt heel goed en hij zag er fantastisch uit! Succes met Smulfun en zeker tot de...
Claudia Welten
Onderwerp: Taart
Bedankt voor de heerlijke taart. We hebben echt goede reacties gehad en iedereen vond het heerlijk! Ook de decoraties mooi gedetailleerd en helemaal...
Christel van de...
Ten behoeve van de communie van onze dochter bestelden wij bij Smulfun cupcakes. Lievelingskleur paars en we mochten eveneens een foto aanleveren....
Marsha Arts
Onderwerp: Communietaart
Geweldige taart om te zien en heerlijk om te eten! Zelfs mensen die eigenlijk geen taart lusten, hebben ervan gesmuld.